Korean Scholars and Industrialists Visit Air Burners in Palm City, Florida

Feb. 20, 2018 – Air Burners was pleased to welcome at its Palm City, Florida factory sixteen visitors from South Korea including eight professors from various universities in South Korea such as Chungnam National University, Seoul National University and DAEGU University. Accompanying the professors were eight South Korean Industrialists, all forest industry experts. Forests in South Korea are suffering from tree mortality due in part to beetle infestation and other climate change associated impacts which are rapidly destroying massive numbers of trees with no end at sight. Air Burners machines have long been recommended and employed by the US Forest Service as an important tool for forest management, especially for forest fire prevention and the elimination of beetle infested trees. Forest in North America have been suffering from devastating beetle attacks for more than two decades, and Air Burners FireBox machines are the best method to help avoid the spreading of the pest to healthy trees by destroying infested stands on location in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.


The Korean forestry experts are evaluating Air Burners machines for use in Korea to support the beetle eradication program there which, in the past, has mostly relied on chemical treatment, but has not successfully stemmed the spread of the beetle infestation. The visitors also familiarized themselves keenly with Air Burners revolutionary electric power generating FireBox studying the second-generation system currently in the final stage of completion in the Palm City production line. Called the PGFireBox®, heat from the waste wood combustion process is converted into electricity up to 1 Megawatt that will be used to power the Air Burners machine itself and charge electric vehicles and other forestry equipment where excess power could be sold to the power company. Air Burners manufactures all its systems in the USA, and they are used worldwide, including by the US Military, Department of Homeland Security, EPA, Department of the Interior, USDA, State of California and many others government entities in the US and abroad.

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