Pinnacle Housing Group is Driving Force In Creating Miami’s “Puerto Rico Hope Mural”

Feb. 12, 2018 – In response to the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico caused by Hurricane Maria, Pinnacle Housing Group has led a coalition of nonprofit agencies and artists to raise awareness and funds through public art, resulting in a new and iconic mural in the City of Miami honoring the island’s culture.

1 (4).jpg

Louis Wolfson III, one of Pinnacle’s partners, saw an opportunity to help Puerto Rico by offering its 186-unit Pinnacle View affordable housing development in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood as a canvas for a community art project. “We felt a strong urge to help. Because Pinnacle is devoted to providing quality affordable housing infused with public art, doing a mural to honor Puerto Rico offered great synergy,” Wolfson said.

Wolfson sought the help of three community organizations: Moving the Lives of Kids, which focuses on transformative art, development and education programs for youth; ACT 2, which is involved in rehabilitation, sustainability, and development of communities in adverse situations; and the Mission Continues, which empowers veterans to find new purpose by deploying them on missions in their own communities.  Members of these agencies had already been working alongside other volunteer groups in Puerto Rico, supporting efforts to clear roadways, remove debris, deliver medical supplies and transport critical resources in the island’s most remote areas. With this community support, the “Puerto Rico Hope Mural” was born.

The team secured contributions from internationally-renowned artists, including: Lebo, Eric Karbeling, Aladdin, Kyle HolbrookIvo Art, Amuse126, Kareem, BlackBrain, Zulu Painter, Magdalena, Marcella Suarez, Miariana Villanueva, Tyler Kay, Enuf, Epic Skywalker and Artworld187. “The outpouring of community support as well as the donation of talent has been tremendous,” Wolfson noted, “in addition to activating help for Puerto Rico, the mural has become a source of community pride and the latest Miami ‘must-see’ attraction.”

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