Florida Center For Cybersecurity Releases First State Of Cybersecurity

Feb. 8, 2018 – The Florida Center for Cybersecurity today released The State of Cybersecurity in Floridaa comprehensive review of the state’s cyber threat environment, workforce needs, education and training opportunities, and research activity as well as an in-depth examination of the cybersecurity posture of Florida’sbusinesses and organizations. The Center contracted with Gartner to independently conduct the study and document their findings in the report, which is intended to facilitate decision making for policymakers and stakeholders in industry, academia, defense, and government.

1 (7).jpg

“Good decisions come from good information,” remarked Sri Sridharan, director of the Florida Center for Cybersecurity. “For this report, Gartner looked at many aspects of cybersecurity—from education, workforce demand, and economic factors to technical issues such as incident response capability. Our goal was to take a broad look at the cybersecurity landscape in Florida and compile information that stakeholders across the state can use as they make decisions impacting their organizations.”

“We believe there is a much-needed shift taking place, with organizations that traditionally may have been reactive when it comes to cybersecurity now becoming proactive,” noted Sridharan. “That shift, coupled with the state’s commitment to cybersecurity, is sure to yield huge dividends for Florida,” he said.

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