Surge Licensing Awards Jazwares Global Master Toy License For Feisty Pets Global Entertainment Brand

Feb. 7, 2018 – Surge Licensing, William Mark Corporation’s licensing agency and entertainment manager, has contracted Jazwares to create a multi-year global master toy program for Feisty Pets, the breakout entertainment brand that exploded across social media platforms in 2017.  Feisty Pets interactive plush go from friendly to ferociously funny with just a gentle squeeze. As the ultimate prank toy, fans can’t get enough of Glenda Glitterpoop™, Sammy Suckerpunch™, Sir-Growls-a-lot™ and Vicky Vicious™ as they surprise their victims with hidden “Stuffed Attitude™” emotions that suddenly appear with raging fangs, evil sarcastic grins, or just dumb looking doofus-smiles!

Feisty Pets initially launched in 2016 and became a social media phenomenon among tweens, teens and millennials. Mark Forti, President and CEO of WMC and the creative force behind Feisty Pets, envisioned Feisty Pets in the real world and developed Feisty Films, shorts on YouTube that showcase the adventures of the Feisty Pets Gang. Soon after the shorts released in May 2017Feisty Films went viral. The cool and irreverent sense of humor coupled with Feisty Pets iconic skit-style writing gained the attention of entertainment press and top toy search terms on eBay and Amazon, ultimately resulting in white-hot sales in 2017.

“Feisty Pets is one of the hottest crazes happening in toys right now. We are so excited to be part of this phenomenon and can’t wait to create 360° experiences worldwide,” said Laura Zebersky, Chief Commercial Officer, Jazwares.

“While Jazwares helps Feisty Pets make a home at retail worldwide, fans should be prepared for some characters to be spontaneously retired while others may debut as limited-edition characters. The toy range will be available in every store and on every e-commerce platform imaginable,” teases Surge Licensing’s VP, Elan Freedman. “With this brand expect the unexpected and get collecting!”

What’s next for Feisty Pets? Surge Licensing, no stranger to building franchises from hit toys, as it discovered Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, has intentional plans to take Feisty Pets to Hollywood and beyond. Feisty Pets will be the next biggest global entertainment franchise and it all starts now, Spring 2018.

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