Wonder Workshop Introduces Coding and Robotics Solution for Middle School Students

Jan. 25, 2018 – Wonder Workshop, creator of educational robots now used in over 15,000 schools to support creative problem solving, coding, and robotics, previewed today a middle school solution that brings coding and applied robotics into the classroom. At the center of the new solution is Cue, a witty robot that responds to both the block-based code used in earlier grades, as well as text-based JavaScript, allowing students to build upon and further develop their coding skills. Wonder Workshop will soon be releasing a three-unit Applied Robotics Curriculum rooted in design thinking principles, which will include student notebooks for Cue that are filled with activities and challenges designed to meet CSTA, ISTE-S, NGSS, and Common Core State Standards.

The launch into middle school builds on the popularity of Wonder Workshop’s Dash and Dot in elementary grades, at a time when Gallup research reflects growing demand for coding education among parents, teachers, and principals. Dash, Dot—and, now, Cue—are programmable robots that bring coding to life for students and encourage students’ exploration of computer science principles through activities and language they can understand. The award-winning robots have been adopted in more than 15,000 schools and are the basis for the fast-growing worldwide Wonder League Robotics Competition, where students compete by using coding and robotics skills to solve social impact challenges.

“Wonder Workshop’s approach to teaching coding and robotics allows my students to build and develop computer science skills, while also learning the fundamental skills of critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and creative storytelling,” said Kent Steen, Ph.D., curriculum specialist for Lincoln Public Schools in Lincoln, Nebraska. “We’ve used Dash and Dot in elementary schools across our district, and are excited to introduce Cue to our middle school students as they transition from block-based to JavaScript.”

The Cue robot for middle school, and its companion apps and resources, are part of a joint effort between Wonder Workshop and Microsoft to inspire creativity and creative problem-solving among young people. Cue’s new coding experience was built on MakeCode, Microsoft’s open source platform, and allows students to easily transition from block-based to text-based coding. The Cue for Education app is now available for Windows 10, with support for Chromebooks coming in March.

“Providing students with inspiring tools is crucial to fostering a love for learning. Our CleverBots are on a mission to create a meaningful, engaging learning experience for students of all ages,” said Vikas Gupta, CEO and co-founder of Wonder Workshop. “With the introduction of Cue for Education and a curriculum designed for middle school students, we are taking the next step in providing today’s kids with the absolutely critical skills parents, lawmakers, and schools now see as necessary to compete in tomorrow’s job market.”

“We see tremendous value in Wonder Workshop’s robots and are thrilled that our open source platform plays a key role in this innovative way of inspiring creative problem-solving, and this solution is now available in the Windows 10 Store” – Dan Rosenstein, Principal Program Manager, Windows and Devices Group, at Microsoft.

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