Miami Mold Specialists Acquires State of the Art Electrostatic Mold Removal Technologies

Jan. 24, 2018 – Miami Mold Specialists, a leader and pioneer within the indoor environmental and mold remediation industries, has recently announced the addition of yet another innovative high tech service offering- a revolutionary 360 degree electrostatic mold removal and disinfectant system.

1 (4).jpg

This new technology works by electrically charging a fine mist or spray of clean water and organic cleaner. The electrostatic mist creates a powerful “storm” of natural magnetic attraction between the sprayer nozzle and treatment area that is upwards of 75 times the force of gravity. After the mist is activated, the droplets reverse direction when passing a treatment area, moving upwards against gravity, covering  a full 360 degrees of a treatment area due to a naturally occurring phenomenon called electrostatic “wraparound”.

According to Miami Mold Specialists website, “We at Miami Mold Specialist are proud to present our new Electrostatic Disinfecting Technology which has proven to be the most effective method in sanitizing and cleaning mold contaminated surface content with top notch precision and efficiency. Our Electrostatic Sprayers use electrostatic technology that produces the highest spray transfer efficiency possible by disinfecting a full 360 degree target area. The numerous benefits of using electrostatics when applying liquid solutions are not limited to sanitizing, disinfecting, and odor control applications.”

Miami Mold Specialists utilizes this high tech electrostatic system in culmination with AirBiotics, an all natural, all purpose, eco-friendly cleaning product. Airbiotics is one of Miami Mold Specialists “go-to” mold removal products  that is used to help with restoring  normal fungal ecology levels in a home or building.

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