HAZZA Achieves OpenAPI Development Milestone For Global Unified Payment Network

Jan. 18, 2018 – The HAZZA team, together with its technical development partner VAPHR, is pleased to announce today at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, of its OpenAPI development milestone. The HAZZA OpenAPI allows merchants and other payment participants to self-integrate and access the HAZZA Network, a global unified payment network.

“HAZZA’s structure as a not-for-profit foundation, combined with our all-to-all payments platform, promotes and redefines financial inclusion by removing limitations for merchants to accept diverse non-cash payment types.” – Tyrone Lynch, Founder of HAZZA

HAZZA Network migrates and enhances Octo3’s existing global payment platform to blockchain technology to create an open access model, natively inclusive of cryptocurrencies and traditional payment methods. All payments participants, such as merchants and payment service providers will be able to use HAZZA’s self discovery marketplace to match with other payment participants, removing barriers and inefficiencies.

HAZZA’s open design and inclusive philosophy aligns and leverages its technology partner’s trust embedded commerce platform, namely VAPHR.

VAPHR is a new breed of technology platform that tokenizes any asset in the exchange of value within a trusted business network.

“With the smart and unique combination and configuration of AI, machine learning, Blockchain and IoT, VAPHR is on a mission to bring industries together across a new friction free supply chain, into a new eco-system, to pursue new liquidity via new business models.” – Aron Dutta, Chairman, CEO and Founder of VAPHR Inc.

HAZZA Network is scheduled for Go-Live on April 2018, together with the end of its Token Sale.

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