Comfort Mobility Medical Offers Collection of Therapeutic Lift Chairs

Jan. 15, 2018 – Therapeutic lift chairs make daily living easier for the nation’s seniors, and Comfort Mobility Medical provides a wide selection of these products. Between 24 and 30 lift chairs manufactured by Golden Technologies are on display today in Comfort Mobility’s well-appointed showroom, giving customers a chance to select the ideal model for their situation.

1 (5).jpg

With three decades of experience in this industry, Comfort Mobility Medical Founder Patrick “Randall” Flack understands which products are best for each type of customer. Flack takes enormous pride in helping people lead more active and independent lives, despite challenges to their mobility.

“The home medical market has grown tremendously over the years, but my focus has always been on the individual consumer who relies on these products every day,” says Flack. “I personally test every new device to understand how it works and who it will benefit the most in terms of quality of life. For example, Inogen One’s line of portable oxygen concentrators can literally change the lives of people dependent on portable oxygen, restoring a level of freedom that’s priceless to many.”

The new year also brings several new products to Comfort Mobility Medical, each one personally selected by Flack and proven to address real issues faced by seniors and people with disabilities. These new products include the Kalmia Therapeutic Sleep System by Parks Health Products and an assortment of quality CBD oils.

Kalmia is a “perfect height” bed system that merges innovative technology with comfort and sleek design. The 10″ height adjustment range makes it easy get in and out of bed without jumping or bending. Foot and head elevation are independently adjustable. As a result, the Kalmia bed system enables Trendelenburg positioning, which raises the ankles above the heart to optimize circulation. Therapeutic lift chairs from Golden Technologies can also achieve this Trendelenburg positioning. For those concerned with spine health, the Kalmia bed also allows for zero-gravity positioning, distributing the user’s weight evenly and taking stress off the spine.

Comfort Mobility Medical is equally pleased to introduce a selection of CBD oils. Non-psychoactive CBD oil product have been shown to provide pain relief, inflammation reduction and improve sleep. Additional research is continually emerging that shows further benefits of this natural, well-tolerated compound.

One of many satisfied Google reviewers had this to say about their experience looking for a portable oxygen solution at Comfort Mobility Medical: “I highly recommend Comfort Mobility Medical! I purchased a Golden Lift Chair and had a great experience. They have excellent prices, a huge selection in their showroom, and a very knowledge staff. I really appreciated the help making an educated purchase without the high-pressure sales pitch.”

Another review was equally impressed with the showroom: “This is the cleanest, most organized, most unique showroom for a medical supply company I’ve ever seen. All the rental equipment is brand new and the prices are unbelievable. I highly suggest visiting this location.”

Other new products now available in the Comfort Mobility Medical showroom include lightweight mobility scooters that automatically fold and unfold. Every scooter purchase comes pre-assembled, so customers can be on the go immediately. Additionally, the store also maintains a full inventory of orthopedic braces/supports, wound care supplies, compression stockings/socks and daily living aids.

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