Shawn Kolodny Announces Second Incarnation of His Immersive Exhibition at ArtPalmBeach 2018

Jan. 11, 2018 – After a successful showing during Miami Art Basel Week, New York-based artist Shawn Kolodny, in a collaboration with Miami’s, The Art Plug, has announced the second incarnation of his provocative and immersive exhibition at the prestigious ArtPalmBeach 21st annual art fair. Due to extensive demand, the fair partnered with the artist to bring the exhibition to a new audience. Fake Fulfillment Center will officially open to guests of the fair on January 17th -21st.


The ArtPalmBeach iteration will be the largest installation at the fair, bringing a 3500-square-foot immersive art exhibit that confronts the reality of modern addiction in a manner that is both social and playful while remaining thoughtful. It’s an exploration of the ways in which our society’s need to display status, wealth and class has formed into dependence. Like all of Kolodny’s works, has been shaped by the artist’s own personal battles with status seeking and drugs. As the owner and operator of the world’s most prominent nightclubs, he has been both the observer and the subject.

I couldn’t be more excited to unveil this exhibition to a brand-new audience,” said Kolodny, “I am humbled by the success in Miami and look forward to evoking the same self-exploration around addictions.”

Combining art from Kolodny’s latest series, the Center guides guests through a handful of multi-sensory rooms, inducing an interactive search for the cause of one’s personal void. Guests of the exhibition will enter through a doctor’s waiting room, where they begin their experience by answering a “medical” survey and donning lab coats. Traveling through a series of larger-than-life vignettes, including a zen capsule garden and a vial room of infinite reflection, the installation merges experiences Kolodny finds truly fulfilling with things that provide mere short-term-joy. Fair guests are invited to participate in and become part of the artwork – this dark twist of playgrounds is an exhibit not to be missed.

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