Florida CBD Connection Launches Network For Medical Marijuana Doctors

Jan. 10, 2018 – Florida had a rocky road to legalizing medical marijuana last year, but in the end, patients did in fact get legal access to cannabis as medicine. Under Amendment, state certified MMJ doctors can recommend marijuana to qualified patients. To date over 70,000 new patients have been approved by the state, plus new medical marijuana doctors networks in Florida are flourishing.

For patients to qualify, they must meet a few non-negotiable criteria, including being able to show proof of Floridaresidency, by showing either a drivers license, state ID or current utility bill. Then a patient must qualify under Amendment 2 legislation, finally signed into law back in June of 2017.

The qualifying conditions include debilitating illnesses that have symptoms such as chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, seizures, symptoms of chemotherapy and any other symptoms of similar likeness that a doctor feels marijuana would effectively treat.

That is where The Florida CBD Connection comes in. It offers visitors unparalleled access to Florida’s medical marijuana doctors. Giving potential cannabis patients the resource to properly research the health benefits of marijuana and find an MMJ doctor who will help them with relief that only marijuana can offer.

The company ensures its member doctors are true “green health believers” that understand why medical marijuana is so successful throughout the United States today. They make sure to educate their patients on different strains and the effect they have on the body, including what dosages to use for different symptoms and what products would be best for their individual needs.

The company also features CBD Doctors that specialize in CBD oil treatments for severe seizures and chronic pain. Cannabinoid (CBD) is treating long-term pain management patients and replacing their traditional, more addictive medications. The member doctors are eager to discuss how cannabis can help with hundreds of ailments that afflict many people today.

In addition to instant access to Florida’s new marijuana doctors network in 2018, the Florida CBD Connection also supports and promotes new ideas to better serve patients in the Sunshine State. Its the start of an exciting year, with recreational marijuana on the horizon for 2020 and with “The Florida Cannabis Act” petition already getting signatures, big changes could be close.

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