Inventor of ThrowRaft Makes Gust Appearance at The Patent Professor’s Book Signing

Dec. 27, 2017 – Troy Faletra, inventor of the game-changing marine product, ThrowRaft, made a guest appearance at Prof. John Rizvi’s Barnes & Noble book signing event for startups and entrepreneurs in Fort Lauderdale recently.

Over 50 VIP guests were given a first-hand account of Troy’s near death experience when his boat sank 9 miles offshore.   In a miraculous tale of survival, he spent 9 hours swimming back to shore which ultimately led him to conceive, build and market the world’s first throwable inflatable device, approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, that is no bigger than a small purse.

Mr. Faletra personally demonstrated the product by throwing it towards the crowd who watched fascinated as the device self-inflated within a second or two of being released.

Prof. Rizvi,  creator of the inventor platform The Patent Professor and author of two recent best sellers, Think & Grow Rich For Inventors & Escaping the gray,  helped Mr Faletra acquire several Intellectual Property patents for ThrowRaft that ultimately created a new water safety segment in the marine sector.

“We are now finalizing a 57 country, 146 distribution channel.  I could not have hit this out of the park like I did without John’s help.   He has been of immense help to me and my organization,” said Mr. Faletra.

Mr. Faletra’s life and death moment at sea, also provided the spark for Prof. Rizvi’s first book, Escaping The Gray: When Launching Your Idea Full Throttle Is the Only Option, a number one best seller on Amazon.

“The book is essentially a roadmap  to harness the potential of your ideas so you can change the world for the better and change your life by tapping into the potential you already have in yourself.   Troy’s courageous story shows just how far you can go if you give life to your idea,” said Mr. Rizvi at the brief presentation which followed the book signing event at Barnes & Noble.

Mr. Faletra is currently expanding distribution channels for ThrowRaft  into EuropeAfrica and Australia and is working with Prof.Rizvi on a multitude of additional patents for related marine products he has in development.

“In the darkest moment of my life John said something insightful to me: “You get one damn go around in this life, one. Make it count!”  I needed to hear those words…what drove me was my invention. I never quit – you can never quit because quitting is just too damn easy!


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