National Association for Proton Therapy Member Miami Cancer Institute Begins Treatment of First Proton Therapy Patients

Ceremony scheduled first quarter of 2018

Dec. 21, 2017 – The National Association for Proton Therapy proudly announced today that its member Miami Cancer Institute has begun treating its first patients with proton therapy, further increasing the availability of the highly sophisticated radiation treatment for cancer patients nationwide. Miami Cancer Institute will officially mark the opening of South Florida’s first proton therapy center with a launch ceremony scheduled to take place during the first quarter of 2018.

Proton therapy is one of the most advanced methods of radiation treatment available today due to its unique ability to allow radiation treatment doses to be delivered to cancerous tumors while minimizing radiation exposure to healthy tissues and organs.  Reducing unnecessary radiation for cancer patients results in the potential for fewer short and long term side effects.

“We’re thrilled to have successfully treated our first patients with proton therapy,” said Minesh Mehta, M.D., Deputy Director and Chief of Radiation Oncology at Miami Cancer Institute. “As one of the nation’s leading hybrid cancer centers, we are steadfast in our mission to deliver this kind of innovative care to our patients, and with the support and awareness from organizations such as The National Association for Proton Therapy, patients from around the world are learning more about this cutting-edge treatment and the renewed hope it brings.”

Miami Cancer Institute’s state-of-the-art Proton Therapy Center features a nationally and internationally recognized roster of experts with physician and physics expertise in proton therapy and clinical research that stand to improve the outcomes of cancer patients for years to come.

The National Association for Proton Therapy’s members are world-renowned cancer centers throughout the United States, a number of whom are National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer centers and National Comprehensive Care Network (NCCN) members.

“We are excited that Miami Cancer Institute has begun treating patients with proton therapy,” said Scott Warwick, Executive Director of the National Association of Proton Therapy. “Part of our mission is to work collaboratively to increase access to proton therapy and the Institute’s opening brings this advanced cancer treatment to cancer patients not only in one of the nation’s largest previously unserved metropolitan areas, but for cancer patients located in Latin America and the Caribbean as well.”

Miami Cancer Institute’s Proton Therapy Center will open in phases, with the first gantry treatment room currently open to patients and the second and third gantry rooms scheduled to open during the first and second quarter of 2018, respectively.

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