The Very Best in Beauty This Holiday Season by World-Renowned Cosmetic Surgeon to the Stars

Dec. 14, 2017 – ‘Tis the season to give the gift of beauty, and with the holidays right around the corner, Dr. Tal Roudner — one of the most celebrated surgeons in the nation with a practice in the prestigious South Florida neighborhood of Coral Gables, FL — has the 411 on what’s hot this season and in 2018 when it comes to quick-fix beauty procedures.


Dr. Tal, who sees patients that vary in age from 18 – 65, says that women are going down in cup size. Yes, that’s right — with idols to look up to like Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, Dr. Tal sees younger women, and older ones alike, asking to reduce the size of their breast implants (or remove altogether!). Women asking for breast augmentations / lifts are also asking for smaller cups than ever before! One part that’s not being reduced, according to Dr. Tal, are the buttocks, as he’s seen an increase in the past year with women getting fat transfers to this part of the body.

When it comes to men, on the other hand, Dr. Tal is seeing an increase in all sorts of treatments, from male breast reductions to liposuction to hair transplants. We can partially thank social media as a reason for this and how many people in the limelight have become more confident discussing the treatments and procedures they’ve undergone.

Additionally, surgical procedures have become more accessible and more affordable, especially with CareCredit, making it easier for both women and women to nip and tuck!

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