Russian Baba Yaga Became the Most Surprising Viral Art Project at Miami Art Week

Dec. 12, 2017 – A very unordinary project was displayed during Miami Art Week 2017. The sculpture, installation and 5-day performance type show formed a big project presenting national Russian fairy-tale “superhero” Baba Yaga (#babayaga) to the international audience. The project of the Russian artist Irina Lagoshina was devoted to folk archetypes and intercultural cooperation to overcome stereotypes about Russia.


Baba Yaga is an ancient, unique and to this day cultural Russian fairy-tale “superhero” with a rich history, in a way a reflection of the Russian spirit. She is considered more powerful than other magical creatures, rulers and warriors. Although Baba Yaga is always an ugly and scary looking creature, she’s very wise, fair and positive.

To make the project more attractive the installation was complimented with a performance that took place in various hot spots of Miami. A “real” Baba Yaga was driving on her mortar through the exhibition pavilions and streets cheering visitors while giving out gifts. She visited Spectrum and Red Dot pavilions, South point Park, Wynwood as well as South Beach. Everywhere she was met with surprise and joy, people formed lines to take pictures and shoot videos.

“It was a great pleasure to get such a high praise and appreciation for my art project from the audience. It was really surprising for the visitors to view such a “superhero” that was opposite in looks to native characters yet possesses great magical power. To manifest a Russian commitment to freedom of speech it was allowed to leave comments directly on the sculpture that now performs an inspiring example of international art collaboration. The sculpture of Baba Yaga is going to stay in Miami at Wynwood art district in the space of Boogie Gallery, an organization that tremendously helped me to implement this project. To thank Miami for its hospitality I would like to gift my sculpture to the city”, told Irina Lagoshina.

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