Christmas Comes Early for Luxury Furniture Lovers in Palm Beach

Dec. 12, 2017 – The next big thing in luxury furniture has just arrived on Worth Avenue. Furniture retailer, Bellagio Home – the exclusive U.S. distributor of hand-crafted creations by up-and-coming Italian designer, Alessandro Vinci – is opening its doors. And just in time for Christmas.

“It’s very exciting that Palm Beach residents will have direct access to Alessandro Vinci furniture,” says Patricia Fazio – a client of Bellagio Home and frequent visitor of Palm Beach.


Vinci has yet to become a household name for those who appreciate unique luxury furniture. But it appears that he’s about to. Owner of Bellagio Home, Pieter Weyts, agrees. “Vinci is definitely on the rise,” says Weyts. “If you’re a lover of luxury furniture, Vinci is one of a kind.”

“I would say that the one thing people love most about Alessandro Vinci’s designs is how versatile they are,” adds Weyts. “They truly compliment any home design, style, or decor.”

Fazio agrees. “We have a few Vinci pieces in our home, and they go with everything – our modern furniture and our antiques. And they’re not just beautiful, and I mean really gorgeous, but they’re also practical and very comfortable.”

Fazio isn’t alone in her praise of Vinci. Typical comments from those who’ve purchased his furniture include – quality craftsmanship in every piece, beautiful use of natural elements, and the “Ferrari” of furniture.

About Alessandro Vinci: Alessandro Vinci harmoniously blends the legacy of Italian design passed down through generations of master artisans with the sophisticated touch of our modern era. Adhering to the most rigorous quality standards, only the best materials are selected to ensure superior quality. Vinci is uncompromising in creating the world’s finest furniture, pursuing perfection in every piece.

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