Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. Is Bringing Retro Back At This Year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

Dec. 8, 2017 – Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. is bringing Retro Back at this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry show with this fun twist on a 1950’s Miami Vice style bathroom design! This one-of-a-kind retro bathroom plays on all of your childlike senses with the whimsical wallpaper and matching retro vanities. From the bright colors to the mix in metals and textures, this unique design certainly pays respect to the era of Car Hops, Airstream Travel Trailers and Lucille Ball.

1 (15).jpg

Although the antithesis of all things commonly Wellborn Cabinet, Inc., this unique bathroom sits front and center in this year’s industry show booth. Yes, if you find yourself at the world’s largest Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Orlando Florida January 9th – 11th, you too will see this playful design featured as “Set #1”.

This bathroom most certainly steals the show as it is a throwback-styled design with modern elements. Elements like the all-important illumination of drawers and cabinets, using Häfele lighting (Wellborn Cabinet’s Touch To Light feature), or the base pull-out wire baskets. These fun twists of technology paired with retro-styled elements make this a winning solution for those looking for an enjoyable and lively design.

The ‘Jack and Jill’ style vanities feature cabinetry from Wellborn’s Premier Series. Here, the Milan door-style is showcased in Maple and colored in a pink hue by Benjamin Moore (Sheer Pink #894), which is available in Wellborn’s ColorInspire program. The conical styled, slender legs only add to the 1950’s feel. Each vanity has a base pull-out wire basket to make organization easier to attain as well as Flush Cabinet Ends on either side. Lastly, Häfele lighting was installed in both vanities and illuminate when opened.

The uniquely designed linen cabinet is squared front and center, acting as the great divide between identical vanities. The linen cabinet, featured in Antigua styled Oak doors and covered in the Cloud Pewter stain with glaze option, is also part of the Premier line. The top of the linen cabinet features crown molding from Art For Everyday Living (MLD-BT3 style). Like the vanities, the linen cabinet illuminates when opened. Additionally, Voided Toe KickModified Width and Integrated Matching Ends semi-custom options have been applied.

Reminiscent of days past and days gone by, this fabulous 50’s bathroom is the ultimate definition of an eccentric design!

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