Peak Results Consulting Aims to Heat Up Home Service Sales

Dec. 7, 2017 – Peak Results Consulting, a dynamic business acceleration consulting firm specializing in home service companies, today announced its latest service offering, Fire Hot Leads, designed to not only immediately increase sales performance but to help establish market ownership for individual companies.

Fire Hot Leads utilizes proprietary software to generate leads that are prequalified to be both ready to service now and relevant to the home service company’s location. A major benefit to the lead acquisition service offered by Peak Results is the ability to establish a market and own the territory.

“This is a breakthrough service for any home service company out there, and it’s designed to work immediately,” said Jeremiah Webb, owner and founder of Peak Results Consulting. “Not only will the business benefit from the lead acquisition, but they will be able to lock down their zip code and lock out the competition.”

Fire Hot Leads is designed to save time spent attempting to source and qualify new leads and allow home service companies to focus on closing the leads and adding value to each sale.

“If you’re looking for fast, tremendous results, even in seasonal down times, Fire Hot Leads can help connect you with the customers in your service area who need your help now,” Webb said. “We want to light your shop on fire with leads so you can focus on what matters: acquiring and servicing customers.”

In addition to Fire Hot Leads, Peak Results Consulting also offers CSR training, Comfort Advisor training, and Leadership Accelerator training to ensure more home service companies are getting leads, booking leads and closing leads. To learn more about Fire Hot Leads and to schedule your free consultation, call 1-844-626-6634 or visit

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