Creme of Nature Expands Its Certified Natural Ingredients Hair Care Line With Styling Products Infused With Coconut Oil

Dec. 7, 2017 – Expanding on the success of its moisture-rich hair care line, trusted hair care brand Creme of Nature is releasing seven new styling products with the Certified Natural Coconut Milk Collection, designed to moisturize and protect hair while achieving the latest hair styles. These new curl-loving products are infused with coconut oil to provide nourishment from the roots to ends while aiding in detangling dry, lifeless curls and transforming them to look and feel healthy. The entire line is free of sulfates, mineral oil and petrolatum.


“Catering to your curls with the finest natural ingredients just got even easier with the styling products from our Certified Natural Coconut Milk Collection,” said Teneya GholstonCreme of Nature’s Director of Marketing. “Kinky, coily, wavy or curly, we’ve designed our newest styling products for every natural girl — from 3a to 4c — to look and feel beautiful with high-quality products at affordable prices.”

There’s something for everyone with Creme of Nature’s Certified Natural Ingredients new styling products with Coconut Milk. Whether you’re looking for added moisture, damage control, definition or shine, Creme of Nature has you covered:

  • Creme of Nature® Coconut Milk Curl Repair Leave-In Cream ($5.99; 11.5 oz.), perfect for every curl, this hydrating repair cream detangles and moisturizes dry, damaged hair, preventing damage and restoring body and shine.
  • Creme of Nature® Coconut Milk Hydrating Curling Cream ($5.99; 11.5 oz.), this curl-defining cream leaves you with long-lasting, moisture-rich curls. Ideal for twist-outs and wash-n-go’s, this product provides elongation and curl definition, hold and shine.
  • Creme of Nature® Coconut Milk Moisture Curl Milk ($5.99; 8.3 oz.), this lightweight daily moisturizer works to improve manageability, prevent breakage and define curl while providing superior hydration.
  • Creme of Nature® Coconut Milk Curl Quench Foaming Mousse ($5.49; 7 oz.), a frizz-fighting and curl-defining mousse that provides medium hold, leaving curls soft, defined and full of body. This product is ideal for a flexi-rod or roller set for full, bouncy curls.
  • Creme of Nature® Coconut Milk Essential 7 Treatment Oil ($5.99; 4 oz.), seven of your favorite oils including Coconut, Olive, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Argan, Shea and Sunflower oils, this repairing oil smoothes your curls and provides shine while locking in moisture and protecting your hair from breakage.
  • Creme of Nature® Coconut Milk Shine & Hold Control Glue ($4.99; 5.1 oz.), an alcohol-free maximum-hold gel that sculpts hair and adds shine.
  • Creme of Nature® Coconut Milk 24 Hour Edge Tamer ($4.49; 2.25 oz.), smoothes, holds and controls edges for 24 hours, leaving behind no residue.

The new products will be available at beauty supply stores nationwide. The Creme of Nature Coconut Milk Curl Repair Leave-In CreamCreme of Nature Coconut Milk Essential 7 Treatment Oil and Creme of Nature Coconut Milk Moisture Curl Milk will also be available at Walgreens.

For more than four decades, Creme of Nature has created a variety of exceptional hair products to help women achieve their desired hair success goals of healthy, beautiful hair. Creme of Nature® Certified Natural Ingredients hair care line includes shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners and a treatment masque which cater to all hair types using the best certified natural ingredients. The Certified Natural Ingredients product line includes three natural-ingredient families: the Coconut Milk collection detangles and conditions; the Mango & Shea Butter collection is ultra-moisturizing; and the Acai Berry & Keratin collection is strengthening. Creme of Nature has the best hair care products for great style and healthy hair.

2 Comments on Creme of Nature Expands Its Certified Natural Ingredients Hair Care Line With Styling Products Infused With Coconut Oil

  1. I love their products. They do wonders for my hair and at half the cost of some other product lines out. Will definitely try this portion of their line

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