Berg Consulting Group Introduces New Growth Opportunity for Background Screening Businesses

Dec. 7, 2017 – Berg Consulting Group, an 18-year-old consultancy to the professional background screening industry is pleased to introduce a new offering that is designed to increase profitability, enhance customer relationships and grow sales for professional background screeners.

Background Screening Businesses (“CRAs”) can now add an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to their product list. The function of an EAP is to provide employees with services that resolve personal problems and/or professional issues that impact employee attendance and productivity.

Berg Consulting Group’s EAP partner offers CRAs a proven product with a nearly 99% member satisfaction rate. This recommended program has a track record of delighting and retaining employers and employees. Background Screening businesses earn ongoing annual revenue from each customer who signs on to the program.

Professional background screeners will benefit from supplying an EAP to their customers by giving them a source of competitive advantage. The program also further engages human resources executives with their background check provider, increasing customer loyalty and retention. For more information please visit or call Berg Consulting Group, (561) 712-1277.

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