Safe Landing, a Private Rehabilitation Facility for Adolescents, Opens in North Miami

Dec. 6, 2017 – The most underserved demographic impacted by the substance abuse epidemic in the United States are adolescents. Studies show that most adults who experience addiction begin experimenting with and abusing illicit substances during their youth- sometimes before the age of 12. Each day we lose adolescent lives to overdose due to a lack of resources and outreach.

To rectify this shortcoming, Safe Landing opened a private treatment facility in North Miami, Florida in June specifically for treating adolescents. As one of the first private adolescent treatment centers in Miami-Dade county, Safe Landing aims to protect our most vulnerable populations from a dangerous life of addiction and undue suffering.

A representative of Safe Landing comments,
“When we endeavor to reach people early in the development of a substance abuse disorder and help them heal before years of turmoil and suffering, we help to reduce the prevalence of addiction in the future. By addressing the underlying issues now and instilling better coping mechanisms early in life, we can greatly improve the likelihood of long term success in sobriety and a brighter future. The young people we treat today will become our future; we have to instill in them that drinking and drug abuse isn’t the only path they can follow. Too many of the adults we see entering rehab now were once children who never saw or believed that. Our mission in opening Safe Landing is to break that cycle.”

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