Hohmann’s Booth at Context Art Miami 2017: The Rape of Democracy Amidst Nuclear Threat

Nov. 29, 2017 – Artists commenting on current political events? Yawn! What else is new? The books are full of art works that had their five minutes of relevance before they became obsolete. Hohmann. Who is always striving to select art work of longevity, is going out on a limb to prove that art can be timeless and urgent at the same time – if done well. For the presentation at this year’s Context Art Miami, Hohmann chose artists with a solid artistic education and background, but works that display relevance right now and, if all goes wrong, in the decades to come.

Swiss-born sculptor Roger Reutimann, whose work has always been inspired by art history, has voiced his thoughts on current political events in a sculpture he has titled “The Rape of Democracy”, which is a play on the Titian painting “The Rape of Europa”. His sculpture is inspired by the Statue of Liberty, which has welcomed immigrants into this country for well over a century. She is also seen as a symbol of democracy. In Reutimann’s version she is stripped of her dignity, naked, without law book and torch. Her body has been butchered into pieces and forcefully re-assembled. Her crown-like headpiece evokes images of monarchy.

Also, this year, Hohmann will feature two portraits by the world famous Czech Artist and enfant terrible, David Cerny. In a proprietary mind-bending technique, Cerny casts hundreds of three dimensional objects that appear to be translucent, as if x-rayed into a polymer resin to form and shape the portraits of Wernher von Braun and Robert Oppenheimer, the minds responsible for the realization of nuclear weapons. This process illuminates the elements of brilliance, that can also breed catastrophe. These two featured portraits are coming directly from Northern Germany where they were exhibited at NordArt, an annual international exhibition of Visual Arts. David Cerny was the focus artist of this year’s edition.

Many of Cerny’s works have stirred international controversy, for example when the outspoken anti-communist artist literally flipped off the communists in Prague by placing a 30-foot-tall sculpture of a hand raising the middle finger right in front of the Palace, four days before election day. Cerny has gained international attention with his larger than life art installations that can be found far beyond his native Prague.

Painter Manzur Kargar, born in Afghanistan and living and working in Berlin Germany, will be featured with one of his seductive paintings that combine the slick world of glamour, fame, fashion and opulence with elements of the underlying reality: bullets, pills, semen, blood and butterflies.

Last but not least, the Quantum Physicist turned Sculptor, Julian Voss-Andreae will show his two-latest, over-life-size installations. Several impressive public commissions over the last couple of years have put Voss-Andreae into the limelight. His idea of using art to make theories of Quantum Physics visible and understandable have garnered him national recognition.

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