MIA traveler returns to thank Good Samaritan for teddy bear, 28 years later

Nov. 27, 2017 – After 28 years and world-wide travel, Nikki Carney returned to MiamiInternational Airport on November 26 to thank the woman who replaced her beloved teddy bear she lost when she was four years old.

1 (1).jpg

Carney, now 32, always travels with the bear and as a dancer, has traveler around the world.  “I never go anywhere without Brown Ted,” she said.  Carney’s father, Patrick, wrote MIA in 1989 to see if Nikki’s bear might be found.  Dickie Davis, one of MIA’s Operations Supervisors, looked everywhere but could not find the bear, so she sent a replacement bear saying, “Nikki , we believe Santa may have found your bear and asked him to come to the North Pole.”

On November 26, Nikki flew to MIA to personally thank Davis for the Christmas present from years ago that she never forgot.  “You never know the impact of everyday acts of kindness,” says Davis now MIA’s Director of PR and Digital Marketing.

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