Friday is Black GunDay. What is Black GunDay?

Nov. 22, 2017 – What is Black GunDay? The day after Thanksgiving is usually considered the best sale day of the year where retailers grow into profits. This year Black Friday is also being touted as the biggest discount day for firearm sales. Some discounts so good they are at the exact cost of what the dealer buyers the firearm for.

1 (1).jpg

With such huge discounts Black GunDay hopes to reach out to a minority audience which is underserved and underrepresented while still increasing the awareness of gun safety and firearm protection. “I believe that all Americans should have the right to bear arms as the 2nd Amendments provides for but the overwhelming majority of gun owners are white,” states Aaron Mighty, Owner of The Last Dragun gun shop and Founder of Black GunDay.

The minority gun market is so small that the National Rifle Association (NRA) keeps no records of it. In recent months the news has been dominated with mass shootings and gun violence which has brought the subject of gun control into the national forefront once again. By creating a market for black and minority gun owners, The Last Dragun gun shop, hopes to increase overall gun safety education and make gun control laws a serious issue for politicians to tackle.

“With gun violence in the news constantly and even President Trump suggesting the righteousness of gun ownership, there is no better time to promote gun education than now,” states Mighty.

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