Culinary Visionary, Adrianne Calvo, is Part of the 1% of the World’s Population and Why

Nov. 16, 2017 – Chef Adrianne Calvo, a Miami, Florida-based culinary entrepreneur whose rapidly expanding multi-media presence includes national television appearances and multiple published works, will be a prominent part of the world renowned Miami International Book Fair. The Fair unfolds from November 12-19, and as customary, features a global array of hundreds of authors and a variety of special events.

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Chef Adrianne will serve as a panelist on Culinary Achievements: A Discussion, on Saturday, November 18th, detailing her personal journey in the food and restaurant industry, one that has seen her become a published author for the first time at age 21, sole proprietor of a restaurant at 23, and a budding figure on the national culinary scene for the past several years.

Given her career path and ongoing success, it’s fair to say that Chef Adrianne is not only adept at bucking the odds – she seems to positively thrive on it. Widely cited numbers imply that less than five percent of the world’s population have had a published work, and that 78 percent of those writers are male. Furthermore, less than one percent of either gender have multiple books in print.

Perhaps daunting numbers to many, but just mere statistical noise to the intensely driven Chicago native that has seemingly been laying the groundwork for enriching palates since her early teens. Her laser focus on living out her passion for food eventually led to a decorated tenure at the prestigious Johnson and Wales University, an appointment as the youngest chef to work at the five-diamond Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami, her own Napa Valley-inspired restaurant, Chef Adrianne’s, at age 23, and two published cookbooks and a proprietary line of spices by the age of 24.

In April 2017Chef Adrianne’s celebrated 10 years of eviscerating the narrative that most restaurant ventures are bound to fail, and the West Kendall destination for culinary nirvana remains the hub of Chef Adrianne’s ever prominent brand. However, her diligence in spreading the proverbial Maximum Flavor gospel, so to speak – which these days involves racking up plenty of Frequent Flyer miles while making national television appearances across the country – is introducing the rest of the country to her sweet-well mannered, personality, drive and mouth-watering dishes.

Over the last 12 months, Chef Adrianne became the first Executive Chef to serve as an Ambassador for Diamond Resorts International’s Events of a Lifetime initiative, which delivers exciting vacation experiences to its members across the globe. Adrianne’s effervescent personality, unfailingly positive outlook and passion for inspiring others have made her an ideal fit for a program designed to create memorable moments in the lives of those who partake in it.

Moreover, Chef Adrianne was featured on the Hallmark channel, serving as the hostess of a national tailgating series on the network’s flagship program, Home and Family. Chef Adrianne has been instructing viewers on creating efficient and delicious dishes that are the perfect complement to an afternoon or evening of watching exciting, hard-hitting football action with friends and family. She’s also taken the segments to countless television morning shows across the country, dotting the map from Los Angeles to Washington, DC in the process. It is no doubt is it is “wheels up” for this star chef’s career.

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