Mirabella of Village Green To Host Fall Tree Planting

Nov. 14, 2017 – Mirabella Florida, the award-winning active adult community in Bradenton, has named Wednesday, November 15 “Tree Planting Day- In Memory of Dick Frasier.”

At the event, the trees in the neighborhood that were cut down and vandalized in late April, early May will finally be replanted. The arrangements have been in the works for several months by Mirabella personnel, who have been waiting on the weather and soil to be just right for planting.

Marshall Gobuty, founder, and the entire Mirabella team have taken the crime very seriously, working with local law enforcement and issuing a reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the vandals.

Mirabella is turning an unfortunate event into something more positive, naming each new tree after one of the community’s residents. Gobuty hopes that this will put the vandalism to rest and return a sense of community to Mirabella’s homeowners.

“We were all shocked to find the trees has been cut down in the community,” said Gobuty. “They were chosen specifically as opposed to fencing and unsightly barriers, a part of our eco-conscious approach to the entire community. We remain hopeful that the vandals will be found, but more importantly, that replanting the trees will return a sense of closure to our otherwise calm neighborhood.”

Mirabella has dedicated “Tree Planting Day” to one of their first resident owners, Dick Fraser, who passed away in October 2017. “The entire community is very much like family and we were all devastated to hear of Dick’s passing,” said Gobuty. “We hope to honor him with this event, and celebrate his life, and our opportunity to know him in the process of building Mirabella.”

The event has the support of numerous Bradenton officials, including the city’s mayor, Wayne Poston. Councilman Gene Gallow and other local officials who are expected to be in attendance.

The vandals cut down 77 trees, totaling over $11,000 in damages to the community. The act was labeled “murder” and “urban ecocide” by Dr. Reese Halter, an eco-stress tree physiologist. Although Mirabella has offered a $1,000 reward for the conviction of the eco-vandals, no arrests have been made yet, at this time.

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