Moncur Helps National Refrigeration Supplier Amerikooler Launch New Website and Branding

Nov. 13, 2017 – Moncur, an award winning branding + digital agency, is proud to announce the launch of a new website and brand elements for Amerikooler, a Miami-based walk-in cooler and freezer manufacturing company. Amerikooler is one of the fastest growing walk-in cooler and freezer company in the country, and the website marks a time of innovative evolution for the company.

1 (6).jpg

The new and completely redesigned website focuses on presenting concise and clear information to visitors, no matter what type of cooling and/or freezing product they are looking for. The website’s responsive design also ensures a flawless display for visitors from any device.

Amerikooler tasked Moncur with creating a more contemporary solution for their website, where information could be accessed quickly. To do this, Moncur created a new dual-offering approach for the homepage, a split between Amerikooler’s Quick Ship products and their more custom offerings. The clean presentation simplifies the options for visitors, with a no frills approach.

Moncur also developed new messaging for Amerikooler, which is featured throughout the website. The messaging presents a new tone-of-voice that reflects the company’s growth, success, and continued innovation as a company. Moncur also travelled to the company’s Miami headquarters for a photoshoot with the Amerikooler staff and to document the manufacturing process, giving website visitors a more personal point of view inside the company’s culture and belief in innovation.

Website visitors can also find a plethora of new detailed features and information on their extensive list of products offerings. Moncur also developed a new interactive timeline of their company’s humble beginnings and family history.

“Moncur was an amazing team to work with. Their creative approach to re-organizing and streamlining our content created a powerful new experience for visitors,” said Amerikooler’s Chief Executive Officer Gian Carlo Alonso.

Moncur was successful in launching the website, and presenting a new Amerikooler brand with clean design, improved functionality and enhanced rich content that allows visitors to have an informative experience as the company continues to expand its offerings.

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