Florida Department of Education Adopts Studies Weekly, Inc. for 5-Year Term in K-5 Classrooms

Nov. 13, 2017 – The Florida Department of Education has officially adopted Studies Weekly, Inc. (“Studies Weekly”) publications for use in all K-5 classrooms for a five-year adoption term. Studies Weekly is a publication alternative to textbooks that provides both full online access for students, teachers, and parents, and 100 percent consumable print materials.

1 (10).jpg

Studies Weekly includes one online student edition per week for 32 weeks. Each weekly unit is designed to cover all of the Florida Social Studies Standards in just 120-180 minutes of class time per week. Built specifically to meet the Social Studies K-5 Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) as well as the Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS), Studies Weekly’s social studies curriculum is the only publication and classroom tool of its kind. This curriculum can be taught as a standalone subject area, or integrated into the literacy block.

Studies Weekly’s material is authored and edited by experienced elementary school teachers, including those with National Board Certification and advanced degrees to ensure curriculum that’s appropriate for the intended students. Every activity, question, and assessment has been analyzed using Daggett’s Rigor and Relevance Framework.

“Studies Weekly provides the platform for educators to infuse classroom lessons and experiences with age appropriate examples, narratives, and visuals,” said Kim Mogilevsky, Chief Product Officer at Studies Weekly and former Floridaeducator. “Our exemplary scores on this evaluation and previous years’ adoptions in Florida mirror our team’s years of work and dedication to our product and a profound understanding of the unique needs of all students, including those identified as English Language Learners, those with disabilities, and/or identified as gifted or talented.”

Studies Weekly is happy to once again provide Florida students and educators with a tool that uses a variety of research-based approaches and high-yield probability strategies while covering the NGSSS and the LAFS. To find out more about Studies Weekly and their classroom-tested, data-driven, and student-approved online and print products, visit

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