South Florida PBS Launches the FREE KidVision PreK APP

Nov. 9, 2017 – South Florida PBS (WXEL and WPBT2) announces the launch of the FREE KidVision PreK iPad APP which features 10 virtual field trips and 40 interactive games for children 3-8 years old.

“This puts learning into the hands of the child,” states Penny Bernath, South Florida PBS Education Services Manager. “They will be able to choose a field trip and play the entertaining and educational games they like.”

KidVision PreK, a mixed-media presentation is a production of South Florida PBS and provides educational assets for children, ages 18-months to 4 years old. It teaches the education standards children need to know to start kindergarten. Through virtual field trips, children explore new places and have experiences that inspire them to learn more about a subject, new words and concepts.

The virtual field trips featured in the APP cover a wide variety of interests: A Pirate Ship Adventure, The Rainforest, an Ice Cream Parlor, Yoga in the Park, an Irish Dance Academy, a Wearable Art Studio, an Animal Farm, a Farmer’s Market, an Art Museum and a Bowling Alley.

The interactive games reinforce skills young children need to succeed academically in kindergarten. Some examples of the games are: ‘What is Different in the Pictures?’ a game in which 2 pictures are compared to stimulate eye tracking and problem-solving skills; ‘Matching Game’ for developing memory; ‘Puzzle’ to stimulate evolving engineering skills; and a ‘Coloring Sheet’ that can be saved and printed, inviting creativity to the forefront.

Since its inception in July 2008, the KidVision PreK Program website has had over 12.7 million views. Over 68,000 teachers have registered on the KidVision PreK website as members and another 12,828 have become paying members of the KidVision Teachers Association which provides certified in-service hours for teachers needing to renew their teaching license. Pre-school teachers have earned approximately 680,674 in-service hours using the website. Teachers, parents and children also have access to KidVision PreK field trips on DVD, on Kids YouTube, and on YouTube. To date, KidVision PreK’s 80 field trip videos have had 2,933,347 views on YouTube.

Get the FREE KidVision PreK APP TODAY!! Search for it on your iPad’s Apple iTunes store! For more information on KidVision PreK,visit:

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