Amigos for Kids Foundation’s 25th Anniversary gala honors Continental National Bank’s chairman with the Celebration of Friendship Award

Nov. 9, 2017 – Jacqueline Dascal Chariff, chairman of Continental National Bank was recently honored at the 25th anniversary gala of Amigos for Kids Foundation for her volunteerism, philanthropy and generosity. It was a very meaningful moment for Dascal Chariff who has supported the foundation since 2009 in their efforts to prevent child abuse and has donated and raised over $200,000 for the organization. Last year, under her leadership, Continental National Bank raised more than $85,000 for Amigos, surpassing the campaign’s goal of raising $60k in 60 days.


The Celebration of Friendship Award was presented to Dascal Chariff at the gala on Saturday, November 4th at the JW Marriott Marquis with over 500 guests. The Award recognizes individuals and entities whose support to the organization is instrumental in its success and ability to provide services to children and families in the community.

“Tonight, we celebrate the success of Amigos, while acknowledging that we all have a role to play when it comes to preventing child abuse and neglect, and helping these young victims recover,” said Dascal Chariff after receiving the award from Rosa Maria Plasencia, President and CEO of Amigos for Kids Foundation. “As we move forward into our next 25 years, we must continue to stand up for our children. It is up to all of us to take action to protect them – in doing so, we protect their individual futures, and the future of our community.”

Amigos for Kids Foundation was founded to respond to the diverse needs of South Florida’s abused, neglected and less-fortunate children and their families, through education, abuse prevention and community involvement. Today, Amigos for Kids’ child abuse prevention message now reaches communities across the country – no matter their ethnicity or native language.

A longtime supporter with the organization, Dascal Chariff has also served on boards and supports other non-profit organizations in the local community including The Jackson Health Foundation and United Way.

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