Altium Infinite Potential Institute Launches in Response to Corporate Leaders’ Need to Create Sustainable Growth in a World of Faster Change and Uncertainty

Nov. 6, 2017 – A new company, Altium Infinite Potential Research Institute LLC, a management consulting and executive coaching firm, launches Nov. 6, 2017 in response to business leaders’ need for holistic, ethical, sustainable revenue growth solutions in increasingly uncertain times for small-cap and mid-cap organizations.

Altium Infinite Potential Research Institute LLC will help organizations create innovative, ethical solutions to increase revenue, reduce costs, lower productivity-draining stress and succeed amidst faster change and uncertainty using a proprietary blend of data-driven management consulting methodologies and soft-skill executive and leadership coaching frameworks.

Since the fallout from the 2008-2010 global financial crisis, business leaders are facing increasing pressure to protect natural resources, shareholder value, cultivate top talent, navigate regulatory burdens and respond to seismic shifts in demographics, technology and geopolitical upheaval simultaneously.

Altium Infinite Potential Research Institute is responding to these intense challenges by helping business leaders to find ethical, innovative, sustainable ways to increase revenue, lower costs and reduce performance-depleting stress (along with the high associated healthcare costs) across their organizations.

Christopher Gayle, CEO of Altium Infinite Potential Research Institute, explains: “We’ve reached a threshold across the business landscape where competing against the ‘other,’ wastefully burning up resources and working ourselves to illness and anxiety in order to squeeze out a tiny bit more profit from ‘me too’ commoditized offerings don’t cut it anymore. Especially in a world of faster change, the costs now far outweigh the benefits. It’s time to pivot towards a new, sustainable strategy.”

The new company offers a holistic, 360-degree consulting and coaching solution designed to allow organizations to thrive in an uncertain economic climate, based on the principle of “stability in flux.” Altium Infinite Potential Research Institute works by interviewing its clients to understand their goals and challenges, examines their organization through five unique lenses and then helps them create a customized strategy to achieve their outcomes and expand their leadership capabilities.

Based in the U.S., Altium Infinite Potential Research Institute initially plans to serve clients in the United States and Canada, with plans to enter the European and Asian markets by 2022.

Before starting Altium, for over 20 years the company’s founder Christopher Gayle, CEO, has served Fortune 500 brands in the areas of strategy, project management, change management, risk management, executive coaching and mergers and acquisitions in the following industries: healthcare, finance, retail, pharmaceutical, information technology and manufacturing.

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