Wynntech Apps Introduces Major Update to Its Popular My Quik Vid Video Sharing and Editing App

Nov. 2, 2017 – The ability to share still pictures is just one of the powerful new features being rolled out with the newest version of My Quik Vid (http://myquikvid.com/). As the flagship mobile app from Wynntech Apps, My Quik Vid has already earned a strong following, and this update is likely to attract and win over even more users. Originally launched for Android devices, the latest version of the app is also available for iOS devices via the App Store.

With its new update, My Quik Vid now allows users to share not only videos, but also pictures to each of their social media accounts (with the exception of YouTube) with the push of a button. The app seamlessly integrates all the major platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. My Quik Vidalso now features a selection of facial filters for humorous videos, and the ability to add text to videos and pictures. Citizen journalists, vloggers and just about anyone who’s active on social media will appreciate these new tools.

On the editing side of things, My Quik Vid has rolled out several new features to help videographers and photographers add polish to their content. Users can now speed up or slow down videos with the speed control tool, add unique watermarks to photos and videos to protect their intellectual property, or trim videos for length. Each of these tools are easily accessible from any modern Android or iOS device. There’s virtually no learning curve to My Quik Vid and its many tools, so users can begin capturing great images and videos almost immediately.

“The revolution in user-generated, crowdsourced content is still going strong, and all of us at Wynntech Apps are thrilled to be part of this phenomenon,” says Founder Darrin Wynn. “We developed My Quik Vid to be an effortless way to capture, edit and share videos with a select group of friends and family, or the entire world. Now we’ve added photo capability and even more editing and personalization tools.”

The numbers tell an amazing story about the growth of social video as a medium. According to a Cisco white paper, mobile data traffic volume continues to grow at an astonishing rate. Through 2021, traffic is expected to grow at about 50 percent each year. Mobile users will by then be generating 49 exabytes of data every month. And thanks in part to increasingly sophisticated built-in cameras, mobile video will comprise a big portion of that mountain of data. Cisco forecasts that three-fourths of mobile data traffic will be video by 2021.

The Wynntech Apps team has also seen this phenomenon unfolding, and My Quik Vid has been developed to meet the world’s demand for social sharing of photos and videos. Possibly the most ingenious aspect of My Quik Vid is its one-touch multi-sharing feature. When users have a picture or video to share, they don’t have to navigate to other social media sites and slog through a bunch of different screens. Instead, My Quik Vid integrates those user accounts and enables instant sharing with a single tap.

“Looking ahead,” adds Wynn, “we plan to keep listening to user feedback as we test innovative ideas and continuously strive to make My Quik Vid the best mobile app of its kind.”

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