New Cancer Center at Flagler Hospital to Open

Oct. 31, 2017 – RAD Technology Medical Systems (RAD) is pleased to announce their most recent cancer facility at Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine, Florida. RAD is working to put the finishing touches on the radiotherapy facility, which is slated to become clinical in December.

1 (10).jpg

Flagler Hospital joined together with Cancer Specialists of North Florida to provide the full course of cancer treatment at Flagler Hospital.  The goal was to add radiotherapy and clinical services as an addition to the existing imaging center. With time being of the essence, they turned to RAD for the facility solution.

“It is important to ensure a seamless, top quality experience for all the patients in our cancer program,” said Flagler Hospital President and CEO, Joe Gordy. “This new center will allow us to deliver the latest and best in radiation treatment, supported by inter-professional expertise, education and patient navigation provided through our nationally accredited cancer institute.”

The new cancer center was designed and constructed by RAD using their patented radiotherapy vault and clinic. The RAD PRO System is factory fabricated eliminating the need for lengthy on-site construction allowing Flagler Hospital and Cancer Specialists of North Florida to quickly begin treating patients.

The center is 5300 square feet and consists of a treatment room, control room, three exam rooms, waiting room, nurses’ station, men and women’s gowning rooms and administrative offices.  The RAD PRO System connects to the existing imaging building with two separate corridors. One private connection for the doctors and staff and a public connection for the patients.

RAD provided full-turnkey services for this project handling everything from design, site engineering and development to equipment acquisition and maintenance. They will also be installing a healing garden between the two buildings. This tranquil space will be visible from the waiting room and will provide patients with a relaxing place to walk through and rest before or after treatments. RAD is proud to be a part of a project that will help to provide lifesaving cancer treatments to those in need.

“It’s always exciting when a new cancer center opens and we are pleased to be able to help Flagler Hospital and Cancer Specialists of North Florida provide patients with radiotherapy treatment,” said John Lefkus, RAD President. “Our unique and comprehensive approach to the design, modular construction and integrated equipment services saw the first building sections arrive the second week of July and just 100 days later we have a completed facility.”

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