KidzStuff Children’s Wellness Products Now Available in Publix Pharmacies

Oct. 31, 2017 – KidzStuff® is happy to announce that their products have reached shelves in select South Florida Publix Pharmacies. The children’s clothing and wellness product provider has previously been exclusively online but is looking to continue expanding into retail locations.

1 (1).jpg

The idea behind KidzStuff and its products was born from one pediatric physician’s passion to make life easier for parents and their children. Dr. Narendra Kini’s, President and CEO of Miami Children’s Health Systems, experience as a medical professional and a parent allowed him to see the everyday difficulties parents experience with their small children, and wanted to offer solutions in the form of everyday wellness products and clothing. “Our vision is to develop original and innovative children’s wellness products that ensure the ease of care and the child’s safety,” says Dr. Kini. The products were developed by the finest pediatric specialists in the world using resources from Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida.

Currently, the KidzStuff products available in select Publix Pharmacies are the Stay Well™ First Aid Kit, the Super Powers 3X™ Toothbrushes, the Kidz-Safe™ Nail Trimmer, and the Doctor’s Ear Wax Remover. Each of these products are designed with both parents and children in mind. The Stay Well™ First Aid Kit is perfect for on-the-go, as it fits in a purse yet neatly contains 49 first aid essentials. The Super Powers 3X™ Toothbrushes have a unique three-sided head which ultimately cuts down brushing time without taking away from recommended oral hygiene practices. The Kidz-Safe™ Nail Trimmer makes clipping the nails of small children safer and easier without the worry of cutting the nail too short.

KidzStuff is hoping to get their products in more retail locations but will continue to carry all products in their online store so parents all over the country can get their hands on these helpful, wellness products.

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