Beeline Introduces Credible, a Business Networking Product for Buyers and Sellers of Staffing Resources

Oct. 31, 2017 – Beeline, a global leader in software solutions for sourcing and managing the extended workforce, announced today its innovation team has unveiled a new product, Credible, which connects procurement, Managed Service Providers and human resource managers (buyers of talent) at hundreds of companies with thousands of human capital service providers (staffing suppliers) in a stress-free, business-networking environment.

The free application, available at, allows companies to search for staffing suppliers based upon location, specialty, industries, minority designation, small business designation, and government clearance level.  Buyers can also use Credible to:

  • Engage prospective suppliers, anonymously and on their terms
  • Search for and research new suppliers based upon their unique needs
  • Read trusted peer reviews on all in-Credible suppliers
  • Tag their favorite suppliers and track all supplier connections

“Credible addresses a much-needed gap in the new world of work,” said Christopher J. Dwyer, Vice President of Research for Ardent Partners. “In today’s market, it is critical for buyers to leverage peer-based reviews and insights to make better decisions about the suppliers they use to empower their workforce.”

Staffing Suppliers, after registering at, can brand their profile and add relevant business information to promote their organization’s differentiators to procurement, MSPs and HR managers across the United States. Staffing Suppliers can access Credible for free, or purchase a package to receive enhanced profile capabilities, market demand data and more.

“For staffing suppliers, Credible delivers a tremendous value for such a low investment,” said Diana Gabriel, SVP Global Strategy & Solutions for Staffing Industry Analysts. “Having access to companies they do not currently engage with provides greater opportunities for new business.”

“We founded Credible because we believe that networking should be easy for both buyers and sellers, said Doug Leeby, CEO of Beeline. “Credible allows buyers to cut through the clutter and make good business decisions about suppliers on their time and on their terms.  For staffing suppliers, Credible helps businesses rise above the noise to position themselves well and develop meaningful business relationships.”

“Buyers of services want to work with the best providers; they want that competitive advantage,” said Colleen Tiner, SVP of Strategy for Beeline. “And sellers of services want to present themselves in a forum where they can be heard.  Credible, by Beeline, does that by orchestrating information in a simple, yet meaningful way for buyers of business services as well as staffing suppliers.”

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