New Earring Organizer Case for Travel Keeps Jewelry Safe, Stems Won’t Break and Backs Aren’t Lost

Oct. 30, 2017 – Linda Keefe has created The Post Host (, a unique earring case for women with pierced ears.

“The Post Host finds women travelers saddened by the loss of their earrings and leaves them happy knowing it will never happen again,” says Linda.  “With The Post Host, earrings and backs stay in place, together, firmly. They don’t fall out or bounce around.”

The Post Host’s one-of-a-kind “foam insert” ensures stems don’t get broken, earrings don’t get lost, and small chains don’t get tangled. Jewelry stays right where it’s put.

The Post Host’s uniqueness comes from a proprietary co-polymer foam insert.  Not only does it hold earrings and backs firmly, it has the added benefit of self-healing. The holes close when earrings are removed, making the foam look new and ready for more.

“It’s unexpected,” says Linda, “so when women see how the Post Host works, ‘Oh, you put the back ON and just stick it in? Cool!'”

Whether it’s studs, hooks or posts, they stay when pushed into the foam, making everything easy to organize. Women find what they want, instantly.  No more digging around trying to find “the other one.”

Business women on trips, ladies on cruises and grandmothers visiting family feel confident and pleased knowing their jewelry is tucked in safely – protected from loss.

Available in two styles and multiple colors, the Post Host is sleek, sophisticated and secure. The compact size and sleek styling lends itself to discreet handling of jewelry while on the go.

This “Under $20” gift works easily for women of all ages and lifestyles. Sisters, aunts, mothers-in-law, teachers, mentors and Secret Santas. It works for women who seem to have everything and girls who love to be fashionable.

Customer testimonials:

“I love The Post Host! I never lose earrings now! And I can see exactly what I have. It’s laid out for me. I don’t have to go looking for the other earring in the pile”, says Rena of Newtown, PA.

Until now, women have had to make-do when traveling by using baggies, boxes and jewelry rolls … which don’t protect the fragile earring stems from poking through, bending over and breaking off.

“I take the Post Host everywhere with me … short trips, long vacations … even to the office when I have a special event after work and need a new outfit,” says Peggy of Oswego, MI. “I never worry about taking my best stuff.”

“If I had the Post Host a year ago, I wouldn’t have lost the diamond studs my husband gave me,” says Donna of Rochester, NY.

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