Jaxee “Experts for Everything” Mobile App Opens Registration to Service Providers in South Florida

Oct. 23, 2017 – Jaxee (, a soon-to-be-launched on demand network of trained experts that connects consumers with affordable, experienced and available professionals in seconds, announced today it has opened its registration to service providers in MiamiFort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

Jaxee helps licensed service providers and experts grow their business by quickly connecting experts such as handymen, landscapers and music teachers with consumers readily in need of their talents. Licensed service providers and experts can register on Jaxee at no cost and pay $5 for each accepted job.

“Whether it a licensed plumber or a guitarist looking to teach lessons on the side, experts of every kind are eager to join the gig-economy to secure work or to supplement their income,” said Ami Shashoua, founder and CEO of Jaxee.  “We created Jaxee to simplify the process of finding on-demand jobs and quickly connect Southern Florida experts to serious customers who are ready to act. Our advanced mobile payment and scheduling technologies give Jaxee a competitive edge and make booking through Jaxee a win-win solution for both professionals and consumers.”

Unlike competing job marketplaces that have high fees and rigid rules and payment options, Jaxee offers the most comprehensive, convenient, cost-effective and flexible expert matching solution on the market. With deep roots in mobile payment processing, Shashoua and his team have applied the same specialized and customizable technology to the Jaxee platform to provide experts with the most attractive, hassle-free payment model in the industry. Experts can receive payment however they want: PayPal or credit card, or via cash or check — the choice is theirs.

How “Jaxee for Experts” Works

  • Jaxee welcomes licensed professionals and experts of all kinds on its platform. Using a strict pre-qualifying process, Jaxee ensures all its experts meet its high-quality standard. Experts are rated by consumers once jobs are complete, reinforcing the platform’s commitment to providing a highly trained and trusted pool of experts.
  • Once approved, experts and hobbyists receive job requests within a 30-mile radius that matches up to their expertise. Jaxee experts receive a notification on their smartphone once a consumer submits a request.
  • Once booked and confirmed, the expert will be able to see the customer’s contact information in the app to begin discussions and negotiations about the job directly.
  • Jaxee offers an attractive payment model where experts can cost-effectively collect payment through the Jaxee app or have consumers pay them directly via cash or check.
  • Jaxee simplifies the collection process for those who need it and provides helpful accounting statements to businesses who collect payment via its system.
  • Unlike other gig economy apps on the market, Jaxee offers experts the most flexible pricing model in the industry. Experts and hobbyists are charged only $5 for jobs they book via the Jaxee platform (no paying to bid on jobs).
  • Jaxee is a great tool for small businesses looking to keep their teams of professionals busy; it enables jobs to be easily and centrally booked and assigned to available workers.

The Jaxee app is currently available for free download on the Google Play and iPhone App Store.

Jaxee will begin offering services to consumers in South Florida later this year. Interested service providers in the MiamiFort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach areas are encouraged to complete Jaxee’s registration process within the app to become a Jaxee provider, so they’ll be ready to accept jobs in their region as soon as the consumer app launches.

To learn more about how to become a Jaxee Expert, visit the website at and attend the Jaxee “Growing Your Business as a Jaxee On-demand Expert” Webinar on November 8, 2017 at 12:00 pm EST. Register here for the online event.

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