Lorna Bosco of ReloQuest Inc. Wins Lexicon Relocation Award for Commitment to Partnership

Oct. 9, 2017 – ReloQuest Inc. would like to acknowledge the achievement of our Senior Vice President of Client Services, Lorna Bosco, as her expertise, integrity, and dedication to exceed client expectations led to a recent 2017 award from Lexicon Relocation for Commitment to Partnership.

ReloQuest is the only platform that provides an independent, unbiased and fully transparent resource to global mobility customers and individuals in need of sourcing temporary housing, serviced apartments, and hotels, worldwide.


Darin Karp, Founder, and CEO of ReloQuest Inc. said, “It was a great decision to transition Lorna into this key role, she continuously demonstrates competence, serving as an integral resource to clients. We are fortunate to have a very talented senior team; Lorna’s success represents the personal excellence that she brings to our clients and ReloQuest. With her expert level understanding of company technology services, Lorna is a strong proponent for our clients, supporting them with actionable insights, and assistance to remain competitive and current in this rapidly changing industry.”

Ms. Bosco, formerly VP of Business Development with ReloQuest, brings decades of leadership and Global Mobility experience. Ms. Bosco excels at partnering with clients to address their unique challenges and has enjoyed much success in providing customized strategic roadmaps via real-time data and analytics to ensure ReloQuest clients reach their goals.

Ms. Bosco’s dedication plays a critical role during a time of rapid expansion for ReloQuest. Praised for being a pleasure to work with, and known for both her sunny disposition and “get it done” work ethic, she is appreciated by her clients and respected by her team. Ms. Bosco is responsible for leading ReloQuest’s client services team, with cross-functional responsibilities making her the central point of contact for clients, developers, and sales force teams.

“I’m honored for this recognition by Lexicon. It is a joy to work with the Lexicon team,” Ms. Bosco stated. “My team and I are dedicated to our clients’ success. Our clients are our inspiration, we have created solutions to meet their specific needs. I love what I do because I know it will have a positive impact for both clients and assignees.”

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