Zonar.City Identifies Potential Location of Amazon’s Second Headquarters in Miami

Oct. 3, 2017 – Gridics LLC, a Miami-based real estate tech company, has released a comprehensive real estate zoning and development analysis report that identifies viable Miami development sites for Amazon’s potential second headquarters. The report was generated using Zonar.City, the company’s proprietary real estate software application.

“Making sense of information from disparate data sources and giving users a real-time, 3-D image of what’s possible from a zoning perspective is exactly why we built Zonar.City,” says Jason Doyle, CEO of Gridics.  “Building on early partnerships with cities, we are now expanding to major metros and are excited to bring 21st century functionality to the historically frustrating and opaque zoning process.”

Gridics will host a live webinar on Thursday, October 5th at 1pm eastern time to showcase how it used its technology to produce the results (information is available at

On September 7, 2017, Amazon published a Request for Proposal (RFP) for cities interested in having it establish a second headquarters in their city.  The RFP spells out specific quantitative and qualitative real estate requirements such as square footage, proximity to transportation and zoning conditions.  This kind of detailed search is what the Zonar.City application was created to help automate, so instead of results taking weeks using traditional methods, Zonar.City produced the precise report within hours.

“Our property database allows users to apply unusual search filters such as government owned vacant land within a specific zones and proximity to public transportation, to find ideal properties,” says Max Zabala, co-founder of Gridics.  “Once compliant opportunities were identified, the Zonar.City application was used to quickly produce the exact site-specific development feasibility analysis that Amazon outlined in their RFP.”

Zonar.City has a proprietary rules-based engine that integrates the regulations and variables of a zoning code with property records, GIS parcels shapes and zones to allow users to create real-time, 3-D development scenarios on a map interface.  Once a city’s zoning code is integrated into the Zonar.City platform, users ranging from municipal planning and zoning departments, real estate developers, architects and brokers can run similar analyses with unlimited variations in minutes.  Without Zonar.City, this process is manual, takes weeks, costs thousands of dollars and is restricted in terms of creating variable scenarios.  Cities are beginning to adopt Zonar.City’s automated code compliance function to more quickly assess incoming development plans and applications.

Gridics used Zonar.City to narrow the search to six sites in the city’s downtown urban core that would allow Amazon to develop a mixture of high rise office and mixed use buildings to meet their needs while staying within the as-of-right zoning regulations. Each site is near the Metro Mover public transportation stops which allows employees to move easily between buildings. The published report has sections outlining the Amazon RFP, how the sites were identified, a 3-D volumetric massing of each building with full considerations of use type, parking requirements, lot coverage, setbacks and LEED bonuses for environmental friendly development.  The in-depth report showcases six building sites with varying structure types ranging from dedicated office buildings with first floor retail as well as full mixed use options that would allow Amazon to incorporate a hotel and even some residential with the office space.

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