High Tech Personalized Boat Shoes for Men and Women

Sept. 21, 2017 – Riomar Shoes have created the highest quality, all weather, boat shoe in the world, with one very unique feature. Their shoes can be personalized at your discretion, through the use of their patented interchangeable bearing design.

Riomar PATENTED INTERCHANGEABLE BEARINGS are forged from 304 stainless steel and hand tied in the USA.
Motto: Change Your Bearings, Not Your Sole

Their 2018 collection can be viewed at riomarshoes.com and the current collection is available nationwide at numerous notable independent retail stores. Riomar has been fortunate to garner creative and commercial counsel from several fashion industry veterans. David Dyer, former titan at Hilfiger, Lands End, Chicos and Sears heads up our Advisory Board. Additionally Gianni Righetto, formally of Armani and Belstaff collaborates on all of their creative and design initiatives. Riomar is offering 4 of its most popular models through Kickstarter September 6th.

“My goal with Riomar is to make shoes that exceed the demands of a coastal lifestyle through innovation and craftsmanship,” said Lange Sykes, Founder and creative director of Riomar. “We’ve created the ability to personalize one’s style, in a subtle manor, through technically functional and aesthetically pleasing, all weather footwear. I’m proud were making the best boat shoes on the market. They give the wearer the opportunity to live creatively and give us the opportunity to share both the coastal lifestyle and Riomar’s message of conserving our marine resources for future generations to enjoy.”

Riomar® is offering a 50%+ discount for all early adopters.

They are strategically manufacturing Riomar shoes in Portugal. The factory partners employ some of the finest shoemakers in the world utilizing fusion state of the art technology and traditional shoe making practices to produce unrivaled quality footwear. Some of the features include:

  • 100% chlorine free leather
  • Hand stitched upper
  • Custom hand tied Bearings, with infinite options
  • 100% waterproof
  • Non-skid, non-marking soles
  • Eva foam insole, antimicrobial, orthopedic and shock absorbing
  • Leather lining
  • Embroidered Riomar® Burgee Flag

Riomar Shoes retail for up to $225.00, and launches on September 20th, 2017 with a 30-day Kickstarter campaign. The early bird Kickstarter launch price will be $99.00 to the first backers. Riomar®’s founder understands that to achieve their mission of more people wearing personalized all weather boat shoes, the price needs to be within reach of everyone.

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  1. What stores in Palm Beach area of Florida
    Carry your shoes

    Thank you


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