Orlando Magic Selects KORE Software to Handle its CRM and Business Management Software Solutions

Sept. 5, 2017 – KORE Software announced today that they have been selected by the Orlando Magic to handle CRM and business management software solutions for the team. KORE Software’s applications will be the underlying technology supporting the Orlando Magic’s CRM solutions for ticket sales, client services, premium sales and activation, and sponsorship sales and activation.


“We are very excited to partner with KORE to help us take our CRM program to the next level,” said the Magic’s Vice President of Strategy Jay Riola. “KORE’s intimate knowledge and experience in the sports and entertainment industry will assist us as we work to further leverage CRM and business intelligence software tools to gain advanced customer insights, run targeted campaigns, and make even more data-driven decisions.”

KORE looks to build upon and enhance the Magic’s CRM/database management, voted the most sophisticated CRM/database management team by industry peers in the Turnkey Sports Data Systems Study for the past four seasons. In order to achieve its goals, the Magic will be utilizing three applications from KORE – Sponsorship & Partner Engagement™, Ticketing & Fan Engagement™, and Suites & Premium™. KORE Software’s comprehensive data-centric applications focus on continuously improving the customer experience. Through its applications, the Magic will have the ability to aggregate data from its fans, analyze the data to make quicker and better business decisions, build deeper customer relationships, and provide better audience insights into their corporate partners.

“The Orlando Magic are an icon of data enablement in the Sports industry, and we’re thrilled to be a big part of their overarching strategy,” added Matt Sebal, CEO of KORE Software. “We’re bringing them elements that will serve as the foundation of their customer engagement efforts and help them enhance the Magic fan experience. We love playing that position.”

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