Genital Herpes: New Content that Addresses Overlooked Yet Important Issues to Patients was Added to

Aug. 31, 2017 – Many websites provide basic information on genital herpes.  However, most often, these websites overlook issues of great importance to many genital herpes patients.  To fill the gap, Lilac Corp added new content to that addresses these issues in a questions and answers (Q&A) format.  To identify the questions, Lilac Corp analyzed information in forums and messages boards.  Lilac Corp also analyzed messages and emails it received from its customers.  To answer the questions, Lilac Corp analyzed scientific studies listed on PUBMED, the US National Library of Medicine database that includes more than 27 million scientific references.  The questions and answers are available at: Genital Herpes Q&A, and Genital Herpes Treatments Q&A.  The first link includes questions on specific aspects of the disease.  The second link includes questions on the drugs and natural remedies used by patients.

Some of the questions on Genital Herpes Q&A are the following:

  1. How did I get infected with genital herpes?
  2. How do I know if I have genital herpes?
  3. I just got through my first outbreak, and it was pretty horrible. I know any recurrences probably won’t be as bad, but I was wondering how often people with genital herpes experience new outbreaks? How long do they last?
  4. I heard someone mention that certain birth controls can make herpes outbreaks worse. Is this true? I have genital herpes, are there any contraceptives that are safe to use?
  5. What does the typical cycle of a herpes outbreak look like?
  6. Can having sex cause a new herpes breakout?
  7. It’s been over 5 weeks! How long should a primary outbreak last?
  8. What exactly are the odds of me transmitting my HSV-2 virus to my partner?
  9. What are the tests for herpes? How reliable are they?
  10. Are there any conditions that are commonly mistaken for herpes?

Some of the questions on Genital Herpes Treatments Q&A are the following:

  1. What drugs are available for genital herpes?
  2. How do I know which supplements work and which ones are a waste of money?
  3. Can elderberry root help reduce genital herpes outbreaks?
  4. Is licorice root effective against herpes? Can eating twizzlers really help?
  5. An advertisement for a calendula cream claims that it helps heal herpes sores (and all wounds). Is it true?
  6. Is garlic effective against genital herpes? Also, would I have to take a supplement, or is putting it in my food enough?
  7. How about echinacea? Is there evidence that it can help against genital herpes?
  8. Is the high lysine/low arginine diet effective against herpes?
  9. Lilac Corp believes that the new website is a unique and highly valuable source of information for genital herpes patients.

Lilac Corp believes that the new webpages provide unique and highly valuable information to genital herpes patients.

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