Another Case Against Miller Energy Filed by Vernon Litigation Group

Aug. 31, 2017 – The Law Firm of Vernon Litigation Group and Attorney Kristian P. Kraszewski have joined forces to file another FINRA arbitration claim on behalf of investors who worked with Abraham Heimann. Mr. Heimann is a former stockbroker with Oppenheimer and Cetera Advisors. A review of Heimann’s CRDreveals that he is no longer registered with FINRA as a financial advisor and he worked for 7 different brokerage firms over his career.

The aggrieved investors are 85 and 84 years old, respectively. One of the clients suffers from Alzheimers, while his wife was a stay at home mom with limited investment experience. The claim asserts Heimann effectively represented Miller Energy as a great investment opportunity. Miller Energy has a troubled recent history, including a 2015 bankruptcy filing. The Claim also asserts that the concentration of the portfolio in the energy sector was compounded by investments in Seadrill and FX Energy. Mr. Heimann’s investment strategies caused the investors to lose approximately $1,500,000 of their irreplaceable retirement savings.

Vernon Litigation and Kristian Kraszewski have now filed 3 arbitration complaints seeking nearly 4 million in damages for Mr. Heimann’s former clients. The legal team is investigating similar concerns by other investors who invested with Heimann at Oppenheimer and Cetera.

Due to the egregiousness of the wrongdoing in this case, which has had a devastating impact on the Claimants who filed the FINRA Claim this month, Vernon Litigation and Kraszewski are seeking punitive damages to punish the Respondents for what occurred.

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