Dentists Can Now Access Impactful Articles & Tips From The Pankey Institute’s New PankeyGram Website

Aug. 30, 2017 – The Pankey Institute’s PankeyGram, originally a printed alumni-only newsletter, has been reimagined as a free online magazine so dentists everywhere can get technical and practice management support whenever they need it.

“The PankeyGram’s articles reflect our curriculum’s integration of four important areas: Clinical Dentistry, Practice Management, Patient Communication and Personal Development. The content is educational and free to viewers, covering a variety of topics within the broad spectrum of the Pankey curriculum,” said Ms. Ricki Braswell, CEO.

“Dentists face technical and practice management challenges every day.  The PankeyGram, with content from Pankey faculty and alumni, is a trusted resource available to help dentists find solutions to these daily challenges,” said Dr. Lee Ann Brady, Director of Education.

The PankeyGram features new content every week, and dentists can sign up to receive new articles via email. Recent topics have included Digital Bite Splints, Six-Handed Dentistry and Dental Team Management.

“Dentists often struggle with implementing new ideas and techniques after taking a course,” adds Dr. Brady. “The PankeyGram supports implementation by providing relevant and practical information that is easily accessed from their dental office between courses.”

The website also provides information about the Pankey core curriculum, known as the Essentials Series, as well as Focus Courses and their new 2-Day Courses.

To learn more about The Pankey Institute, visit their main website at:

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