INN-Liners Boutique Hotel and B&B Revenue Enhancer Program Debuts

Aug. 29, 2017 – Designerliners Inc. launched its INN-Liners Program with the Palm Beach Historic Inn named as the first in the nation to participate. The Program enables boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts to create a new ancillary revenue source created from an amenity that enhances and beautifies their guest rooms.

1 (22).jpg

Participating properties in the INN-Liners Program earn income streams from the on-site and online sale of designerliners® decorative wastebasket bags and other home décor items. Designerliners® are a unique home décor product; a decorative wastebasket liner bag marketed in an array of toiles, polka dots, ginghams, leopards, paisley, tattersol, and zig-zag. Designerliners® are strong enough for kitchen use, but their artistry is best appreciated in the other rooms of a home or hotel.

Repeat sales of designerliners to boutique hotels convinced the Company that an otherwise bland hotel wastebasket can be converted into a new profit center for hotels. The Program makes it financially attractive for boutique properties to beautify their guest rooms with designerliners® as they showcase them to the traveling public. Designerliners® appeal to the boutique hotel / B&B guest profile; that is the high income, well-educated, sophisticated traveler and consumer.

Participating inns enhance each guest room with their own selections from the thirteen beautiful designerliners® patterns. Inns purchase designerliners® at a significant discount from retail price, but as part of the program introduction, the Company is offering a select number of inns a limited supply of free liner bags.

Inns can create a new profit center by selling designerliners® in their on-site gift shops. In addition, all inns (with or without a gift shop) earn a 5% commission on their guests’ purchases of designerliners® and other home décor items on for the next five years. To encourage website purchases, inn guests get a code good for a 10% discount for the next five years.

The Palm Beach Historic Inn is an ideal program launch partner. This beautifully restored inn is nestled in the heart of downtown Palm Beach, Fl close to the beach and Worth Ave., just two miles up the road from Mar-a-Lago. Inn GM, Caitlin Crook, carefully selected designerliners® to complement the décor of each guest room.

The Program is intended for independent inns, but chain hotels are eligible if they have franchisor approval. Designerliners Inc. also provides customized designs (with or without hotel logo) to enable hotels to create an even more special feel.

In the words of Designerliners CEO/Founder, Muriel Wiener, “Let your guests take home a piece of your hotel”. Product info is available at

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