ZipOrange Now Offers Homeowners the Ability to List Vacation Properties on Website for Rent or Sale for Free

Aug. 22, 2017 – ZipOrange, an online Florida vacation guide and property listing service, now offers Florida homeowners the ability to list their vacation properties for rent or for sale for free within their online directory.

Properties that are listed on ZipOrange can be viewed by searching through the Vacation Homes database, as well as under a specific Florida destination that’s targeted to travelers who are looking to find a home in a particular area.

Homeowners also have access to unique marketing tools when adding their listing. These options will assist the homeowner to rent or sell their vacation property more easily. For example, homeowners can choose to receive custom flyers, lawn signs, social media blasts, and more when they add their listing.

“We wanted to offer a place where homeowners can easily list their vacation homes themselves, and take advantage of several unique marketing tools to attract the perfect renter or buyer,” said Josianne Mailloux President of ZipOrange.

ZipOrange’s online listing directory offers a wide range of options for rent and for sale including houses, apartments, condominiums, mobile homes, RVs and RV Lots, Timeshares, and more.

Serving over 10,000 Preferred Members vacationing in Floridaeach year, ZipOrange gives users access to a large number of contacts, practical tools, and solutions to ensure travelers will enjoy their vacation. The Preferred Membership helps vacationers find everything they need during their stay — from personalized itineraries, deals for activities, as well as helping a traveler find a vacation rental and more. If travelers do not want to search for a vacation rental themselves, ZipOrange can do this for them.

Florida has so many great things to offer to Snowbirds and vacationers, we wanted to create a website that helps them find everything they may need when visiting the Sunshine State,” said Frederik Joly, Vice President of ZipOrange.

In addition to property listings, ZipOrange’s site offers just about everything one needs to know about the Sunshine State from everyday tips and tricks, where to find the best shopping deals, tips for traveling with pets, how to use out-of-state and out-of-country credit cards, recommendations for restaurants and bars, and so much more. The site also allows users to search via destination to narrow down targeted options when planning a getaway.

To list your property within the online directory, please visit For more information on ZipOrange and on the state of Florida, please visit

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