Owners In South Beach Condo Towers Vote Online

Aug. 16, 2017 – Members of condominium associations are voting electronically through the internet and watching live streaming video of their association meetings thanks to a new, password protected, e-voting web portal software called Condo.Voting powered by Voting Portals, LLC. The innovative new technology was specially designed for Florida condominium associations by prominent Miami real estate attorney, Ben Solomon, who represents hundreds of condominiums and HOAs, as well as major real estate developers, banks, hotels, and other investors. The e-voting web portal software is internet-based and can be accessed by members of an association anywhere in the world via their desktop, laptop or mobile device. Condo.Voting complies with F.S. 718, which in 2015 authorized associations to use electronic voting and send official notices via electronic transmission to consenting members. Condo.Voting also helps associations comply with a new 2017 condo statute requiring condominium associations with over 150 units to post official records and other information to a password protected web site by July 1, 2018.

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On August 7th 2017, the results of the Mirador 1000 Condominium Association vote regarding exterior improvements to the building were read aloud by the president of the association while the meeting was live streamed (broadcasted) to the members over the internet though the association’s new password protected e-voting web portal. Over a two-week open voting period, dozens of owners voted online with ease, voicing their say on an important aesthetic and financial matter to the association. In the end, the online votes helped make the difference in achieving a valid legal result under the association’s governing documents. Owners were also able to log on to Condo.Voting to view the two graphical options of the proposed work, see a cost comparison, and review the ballot, notice and other pertinent information before voting. When voting opened, each consenting member of the association received an encrypted voting code by email which they inserted into the program to obtain their secure ballot and cast their vote. Each voter then got a receipt by email confirming their vote had been counted. For the first time in Florida and perhaps the entire nation, an association meeting was live streamed to the members through the internet via the association’s password protected e-voting web portal, and the results of the vote and a recording of the meeting were automatically archived.

“The online votes definitely helped us achieve a valid result and made it much easier for our owners to vote,”stated Komal Bhojwani, president of the Mirador 1000 Association. “We also love the live streaming video and recording feature.”

A day later on August 8th 2017, Continuum South Tower Condominium Association had similar success where dozens of their owners also voted online through Condo.Voting to achieve a major vote regarding proposed renovations to the association’s fourth floor social room.  Owners of that building were able to log on to the portal to view the designer’s proposal and renderings, as well as review notice of the meeting, the ballot, and other information. The meeting was live streamed to the members through the association’s secure, password protected, e-voting web portal.  Similar to the Mirador, Continuum South Tower would not have been able to achieve a quorum without the members’ online votes.

“Our owners really like using Condo.Voting because it is easy to vote and they can watch the meetings online and see all the information,” said Jenny Little, general manager of Continuum South Tower. “I also like that I can load all of my own content and make whatever changes I want to the portal anytime.”

In both major condo towers the voting participation of eligible voters was around 80%. This is a strong indicator of the demand for online voting and should encourage others condo buildings to implement the same for their members as soon as possible. In addition to providing members with a more convenient platform and superior online services, electronic voting and sending notices via email will also significantly cut down the costs to an association of printing, copying and postage, easily saving thousands of dollars a year.

“As an election monitor, this is by far the best online voting system I’ve seen,” stated Tom Rementeria, who has monitored hundreds of elections for condominiums. “This will reduce fraud and save time and money for associations. Plus, it’s very user friendly.”

Voting Portals, LLC is a Miami based software development company that is developing and marketing online voting solutions for multiple consumer sectors including Condo/HOA, Union, Shareholder, Municipal, School, and Business. Among other real estate software programs, the company plans to deliver HOA.Voting to the market in September of 2017, which will be similar to Condo.Voting, but tailored to HOAs so it complies with F.S. 720. Voting Portals also plans to expand its online voting presence into other major metropolitan markets including New York and New Jersey by next year.

“I am very excited to be involved in this cutting-edge space of online voting and live streaming meetings to members through the internet,” stated Ben Solomon, Esq., CEO and founder of Voting Portals. “I believe we are just getting started…”

 With the rapid growth and adoption of blockchain technology, Voting Portals is already working on implementing such technology to our collection of online products,” added Chief Technology Officer, Osmany Barrinat.

Condo.Voting is currently being offered free to the market and revenues will be based on an advertising model and other retained rights. The company is currently accepting new condominium association clients in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

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