Social Entrepreneur Dev Pathik To Speak At TEDxHilliard

July 27, 2017 – What is the most important skill you will ever develop? To child abuse survivor, social entrepreneur, adventurer, father and internationally known business advisor, Dev Pathik the answer is clear: self-coaching. The art of guiding yourself through challenge, adversity, fear, and temptation to live an extraordinary and fulfilling life. It’s this topic for which Pathik has been invited to join community leaders, arts innovators, and social-justice seekers as a speaker at the independently organized TEDx event in Hilliard, OH. For those that can’t attend in person, the August 8th event will be live-streamed on the TEDxHilliard website.

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Widely regarded as a community development and leadership thought-leader, Dev spent several years as an Outward Bound Instructor, mountaineering and wilderness guide, before launching and selling a series of team and leadership development businesses. Dev’s passion for developing teams and for engaging kids and communities in sport led him to found the Sports Facilities Advisory in 2003. Under his leadership, SFA has become respected as the global leader in strategy, program planning, and project finance for all types of sport and recreation facilities; Dev is an active investor and board member to a-number of youth and community focused organizations including Bo Jacksons Elite Sports, The Bo Jackson’s Sports Leadership Centers of America, Empower Adventure Operations, The Sports Facilities Management, and others.

In addition to his TEDxHilliard talk, Dev shares his expertise in the power of self-coaching with corporate teams through Bo Jackson’s Sports Leadership Centers of America (SLCA). Based on the idea that corporate teams are the only competitive teams in the world that don’t practice, SLCA performance development programs called “workouts” are designed to strengthen corporate and business teams, build confidence, and help leaders develop into “their best self”.

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