Dynamic Communities Launches Power BI User Group, Gains Over 34,000 New Members in Four Months

July 27, 2017 – Dynamic Communities is excited to share the success of its new Power BI User Group (PUG), released in February 2017. The group, a collection of 140 local user groups worldwide and over 34,000 users, engages individuals from all backgrounds with Power BI to improve accessibility and usability of the software.

An independent supporter of Microsoft, Dynamic Communities’ PUG strives to meet a simple goal: to unite Power BI users of all levels in a community setting, promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration in an innovative, learning-based atmosphere. PUG caters to each individual associated with Power BI, Data Analytics, and Business Intelligence with programs for technical development to executive business decision making.

The group supports over 140 local user groups worldwide. The PUG platform will eventually incorporate virtual groups based on interest—like higher education and health care. And if that isn’t enough, Dynamic Communities also launched the PUG Career Center in June 2017, a virtual meeting grounds for BI-related employers and job-seekers to view or post local and global job listings.

The value members find in PUG is based on the foundation of excellence for Dynamic Communities’ user groups founded in 2004 when a small group of CIOs discovered great value in sharing knowledge and experience with each other about their ongoing system and business strategies.  Over the last 13 years since inception, Dynamic Communities has established many user communities and brought their community best-practices to other associations seeking to optimize value to its members.

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