Looking for a New Adventure?

AdventureHQ stands for Adventure Headquarters and it’s the newest place in town for you to find your next adventure and much more.

Frankie and Lois are the owners and they wanted to create a place for the community to get active indoors. They opened on April 13 this year and have a lot of support from the community already. On Tuesday, Hone 20th, they had their official Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting and many attendees.


At Adventure HQ, there are two main areas they both center on rock climbing. Don’t worry if you’ve never climbed before because they have over 100 climbing routes of varying difficulties from beginner to expert. The main room is 5,000 sq. ft. of bouldering or low-level climbing options. There’s no harness or webbing because there’s a super thick pad that absorbs your fall. The routes are color-coded and marked as to their difficulty. Any age and any fitness level can come and get started trying their hand at climbing. 13+ can climb unsupervised but if you’re under 13, you’ll need an active parent supervising you.

The second area is called the Adventure Zone. Here there are 22 different “themed” climbing walls such as a beanstalk/tree theme and a tall pillar theme. The climbing walls are super colorful and fun. The kids do wear webbing and wear counter-weighted harnesses that stay taut as the child climbs up and then brakes as the child descends. In addition to climbing walls in this area is the 3-laned Ninja Warrior course. There are many different moving parts to navigate to get through the course. You can purchase a 1 or 2-hour package to enjoy the “Zone.”


3-2-1 Escape Rooms is a partner with AdventureHQ and they have 3 different themes (The Heist, Hijacked at Sea, and Escape Space.) These rooms are designated as timed puzzles that create a sense of urgency as time is counting down to escape from the room. But, the group has to work together as a team to solve the puzzles.

AdventureHQ can serve your corporation, business, child’s birthday party with a personal touch and enough activities to keep everyone entertained and challenged while having fun. They also have food and soda as well as beer and wine.

Frankie and Lois enjoy hiking and bouldering. They feel climbing is a natural activity and more engaging for the whole family than a gym. The “Zone” is incredibly inviting for kids and parents might find they’d like to join in the activities once they see how easy it really is. Come and enjoy this awesome new place to work out, hang out, and simply have fun.

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