Prepare To “Sustain” With Military Grade Premium Hurricane Kit

July 20, 2017 – Cyalume Technologies, creator of the light stick and the global leader in military tactical training equipment for over 40 years, announces its first curated solution designed specifically for consumer use in hurricanes and other emergencies: SUSTAIN.

Cyalume developed SUSTAIN to be robust enough to fill all the needs of families when basic services such as electricity, food, water and first aid are suddenly unavailable. Advance preparedness is key to family safety, because local stores quickly sell out of essential items as forecasts become most dire.

1 (3).jpg

SUSTAIN was curated with three primary goals: 1) to offer top-of-the-line items, 2) to take the guesswork out of meeting family needs in an emergency, and 3) to offer greater value in a kit than DIY attempts to buy each item separately. SUSTAIN is contained in a premium, space-saving bag and includes:

  • Up to 24 servings of high quality food
  • Up to 6 liters of U.S. Coast Guard approved purified fresh water
  • 3 sources of dependable light
  • Top-rated water filtration device
  • Cyalume industrial-grade SnapLight devices
  • Essential first aid kit and emergency blankets
  • Portable wood-burning stove, bowls and utensils
  • High-grade survival knife

“SUSTAIN picks up where traditional hurricane guidance ends in preparing consumers to be safe and secure after disaster strikes,” said Brent Stern, disaster preparedness expert for Cyalume. “It’s designed for the consumer who knows they need to be prepared, wants to make an investment in preparedness, but doesn’t know exactly what they need to prepare completely.”

Cyalume is known worldwide for the chemical light solutions and infrared devices it supplies to the U.S. and NATO military forces and law enforcement. The military expertise behind the creation of SUSTAIN makes it unique among other preparedness kits.

The thought leadership that has gone into SUSTAIN includes Cyalume’s direct collaboration with Jim Cobb, a noted authority on emergency preparedness. Cobb is known for his common sense and down to earth, practical approach to preparedness and his books on the subject routinely top Amazon bestseller lists. Cobb authored the detailed, consumer-friendly instructions on how to use the products SUSTAIN provides.

“When the survival of your family is on the line, you don’t want to rely on questionable gear, and the components in SUSTAIN will stand up to real world use,” said Cobb.

SUSTAIN is available at

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